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Shay-Bar provides refrigeration solutions for research and medical laboratories as well as for industrial use.

For research and medicine, the company manufactures and markets refrigerators and freezers from 4° C to –100 ° C, specializing in Ultra Low Temp Cascade System –80 ° C laboratory freezers by Revco, Forma, Heto, Sanyo and more.

The company markets So-Low, USA, freezers for blood banks, pharmacies, research and medical laboratories, etc. The company also imports heating and cooling incubators as well as shock freezers.

For industrial use, Shay-Bar provides solutions and a variety of services for the following:

  • Service for industrial refrigerators and freezers at temperatures of 4° C to
     –30 ° C
  • Building industrial refrigerators and freezers
  • Building cold chambers and freezers
  • Maintenance of cooling and freezing installations
  • Servicing ice cube and crushed ice makers
  • Building and servicing shock freezers
  • Building custom made refrigeration units
  • Consultation on any of the above

All parts supplied by Shay-Bar are from leading companies, such as: NC&R, Temprite, Sporlan, Manerope, Danfuss, Copeland and more.

The company’s staff is professional, experienced, and always happy to help find the product best suited to fit your needs.

Sales and service for laboratory
refrigerators and freezers at
temperatures of 4° C to –100 ° C

Solutions for a variety of products:
Refrigerators for blood banks and pharmacies.
Heating / cooling incubators
                                          And more

Flake/ cube ice machine
Installation, service and maintenance of cold chambers and freezers
Manufacture, marketing and service of industrial cooling and freezing installations
Sales and service of refrigerators and freezers for varied purposes.Laboratory refrigeratorsIndustrial refrigerators and freezers
Professional advice and solutions in the field of refrigeration engineering.


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       Telfax: 04-6208350, Mobilephone: 052-3493290  

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email: motibe@shay-bar.co.il